Osmio Reverse Osmosis Zero Installation Water Filter System


    Why I bought and recommend the Osmio Zero……

    • Zero installation (no cutting into sinks or splicing into pipes).
    • Small footprint so fits into kitchen worktop space.
    • It’s now replaced my kettle and plastic water bottle storage areas.
    • Easy push button for cold, medium(s) or boiling water (4 temps).
    • Simple to top up 5 litre tank, giving you Alkaline water.
    • Removes everything (organics, non-bio-available minerals, metals, chlorines and bleaches etc) from your tap water.
    • Simple filter change every 6 months for less than £40.
    • Easy to sterilise and clean with blank filter kit.
    • Saves plastic bottle waste and the shopping trips to buy them.
    • Great manufacturer support and loads of YouTube help vids.
    • Took my tap water from 660ppm to 38ppm (with re-mineralise).
    • Remineralise with bio-available calcium and magnesium (10-30ppm).
    • Option to filter to simply H2O (0-10ppm depending on local water).
    • Taste is soft and clear which will make more sense when you drink it!
    • Comes with a FOC CBD pack for you to use or gift to someone else.
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