Naturally Pure 40% CBD Oil – 4000mg 10ml


So what is the Naturally Pure’s 40% CBD Oil’s advantage?  Well, we have taken the best and richest base CBD Oil we could find and produced a great product with far richer CBD qualities than the average 40% option, and provided it in 10ml and 30ml suspensions, thus making for a great, versatile and very potent little product.

To compare, Naturally Pure’s 40% has EIGHT times more CBD per drop (20mg as opposed to 2.5mg) than Charlottes Web’s strongest product, “Everyday Advanced”, that is 800% more CBD! Combined with some new flavour profiles and size options means you now have a wider choice too!

Each 10ml bottle contains 4000mg of CBD
Each 30ml bottle contains 12,000mg of CBD

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